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True leadership invests in people

By investing in the success of its employees, Reynolds American Inc. is unlocking opportunities for the entire company.

Transformation. Commitment. Access. Innovation. 

For Reynolds American Inc. (Reynolds) and its subsidiaries, these are more than principles, they are a road map. They represent a forward-thinking investment in the most critical ingredient of any organization's success: its people. 

“Whatever your passion is, you will find the opportunity to learn, grow and make a positive impact here at Reynolds. The more diverse our thinking, the bigger the difference we can make,” says Anna Dolgikh, Reynolds’ senior vice president & chief human resources and inclusion officer. 

Reynolds has prioritized the development of impactful strategies aimed at solidifying a work culture in which skill-building, mentorship, support and inclusivity permeate the workplace. 

“We have expanded unconscious bias training throughout the organization, facilitated diversity and inclusion dialogue sessions, including with our leadership team, and doubled our overall investment in diversity programs, offering access to dedicated learning and development programs for female and underrepresented employees, as well as newly recruited or promoted line managers,” Dolgikh explains.

Supporting employee wellness is another high-priority for the organization. Reynolds has made no-cost health coaching available, and offers a digital wellness platform that provides support for employees dealing with stress, sleep issues and mental health concerns.  

“We are also fortunate that our employee resource groups (ERGS) have implemented support networks and activities that focus on maintaining connection and fostering self-care,” says Dolgikh.  

The full potential of a workplace community can go unfulfilled if employee growth is confined to certain departments or divisions. At Reynolds, the dynamic leaders of tomorrow are being actively recruited and positioned to succeed in their careers across disciplines and functions such as scientific research & development, digital business solutions, operations, marketing, HR, communications, and legal & external affairs. 

“We’re transforming at an incredible speed. There has never been a better time to join Reynolds,” says Dolgikh. 

Reynolds navigates an evolving business landscape by being proactive in its approach. Playing a leading role in the transformation of the industry demands a standard of excellence that is impossible to meet without a workforce that is empowered, included and prepared. 

By investing in the development and success of its people, Reynolds has created innumerable opportunities for individuals―and for the organization as a whole―to thrive on a global scale. 

“Working at Reynolds means you are working at the forefront of major transformation in an established industry,” says Shay Mustafa, senior vice president, business communications and sustainability.

“To be a driver of that transformation makes for exciting, challenging and meaningful work”, adds Mustafa. 

And what is the ultimate vision for Reynolds’ work community?

Says Mustafa: “We aspire to a culture where employees excel in their professional and personal ambitions; where every person is empowered and recognizes their ability to make an impact as an agent of change; and a community of employees whose winning spirit helps us to achieve extraordinary results.”